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    NUC + Win7 / No Usb3 Drivers / Stuck At Username Screen.


      I bought a NUC6i3SYH, Samsung 850 ssd and 4gb Kingston Ram. I can get windows 7 installed but i get stuck at the screen to select a username and password, my wireless keyboard and mouse cease to work and also my wired usb keyboard does not work.



      Firstly should i use UEFI or Legacy mode for booting my NUC with win7?



      I had a thought that i could plug the Samsung ssd from the nuc into my htpc or laptop, get past the username screen, install the Intel usb3 drivers, remove and refit the hard drive to the nuc. Would this method work?



      I want to install win7 from my usb2 external drive. I am aware that i need to integrate the usb3 drivers into the windows install files on the usb drive. The Microsoft usb download tool does not recognise my usb drive. Rufus fails too but i read it could be a corrupt iso, i can use Rufus it to just format the drive ok but when i try to copy the image to the usb drive with Rufus it fails. The win7 image i have does have a load of updates integrated so it may well be a problem with the iso.



      I got win7 installed by making my usb drive bootable using the command prompt. I disabled UEFI boot mode. I used the Intel usb tool which integrates the usb 3 drivers with your win7 install files on the usb drive. It must work because i installed win7 up to a point but the usb devices stopped working when it comes to the screen to enter a username and password. I found a post on the NUC forum and there is a bit where someone says the Intel usb tool does not work with my model of NUC6.



      This link has a very long winded way of integrating the usb3 drivers manually but it is very long winded, a few people seem to think this works [url="http://nucblog.net/2015/07/installing-windows-7-on-the-nuc5cpyh-or-nuc5ppyh/"]Installing Windows 7 on the NUC5CPYH or NUC5PPYH (Braswell NUC)  The NUC Blog[/url]

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          You can try using an install done on another PC, but this can be fraught with issues. The PC needs to be from close generation (same if possible).


          My suggestion is to use verified ISO and verified working USB 3.0 flash disk and follow the instructions for inserting the USB 3.0 drivers into this image. Yea, this could mean a GB of updates to install afterwards but it works.


          Whether you use UEFI or Legacy shouldn't matter; I have been successful using both. My suggestion is to use UEFI.


          Hope this helps,


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            Many thanks for your help but im afraid the intel usb3 tool does not work with the NUC6 so someone said in a post on here.


            I have got round this problem. I formatted the drive and extracted the win7 iso files to the usb drive, i then installed win7 to the NUC, i got the same problem again, this time i removed the Samsung ssd and put it in my laptop which has a 5th gen i7 cpu, anyway i was able to use the keyboard and trackpad and install the Intel usb3 drivers, i refitted the drive into the NUC and when i started windows the usb mouse and keybard now work. Not an ideal solution but it worked.

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              Intel Corporation
              This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

              Thank you very much to for sharing the suggestions above.
              , Thank you very much for joining the Intel® NUC communities.
              We normally recommend to install Windows® 7 on legacy mode, but it should work both ways.
              If you are going to use the Intel® Windows® 7 USB 3.0 Creator Utility, if it is possible, please use the tool on a PC that has Windows® 8.1 installed, I installed the drives that way and it worked with no problems.
              On the link below you will find the link to install it, but also in there you will see another method to try to inject the USB 3.0 drivers, which is by using the DISM Graphical User Interface (GUI) Tool:
              Besides that, as it was mentioned previously, make sure that the ISO image is working properly, if it is possible to create the image from the Windows installation disc it will be better and then use Rufus to make it bootable:
              Please let us know the results of trying the steps above.
              NOTE: These links are being offered for your convenience and should not be viewed as an endorsement by Intel of the content, products, or services offered there.
              Any further questions, please let me know.

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                Hi Alberto.


                I cant say for sure but i read someone on here posting that the USB 3.0 Creator Utility does not work with NUC6 models, is that why you suggested using windows 8.1? I dont have access to windows 8.1 anyway.


                As i already posted, i plugged the hard drive into my laptop and finished the setting up stage of windows 7 by getting past the 'create username and password screen' , installing the usb 3 drivers, installing the hard drive back to the NUC and it worked just fine. I had done all this before you posted as i could not find a solution.


                I did not get to try the DISM method, it looks very long winded indeed, maybe i will try that if i ever install windows 7 again.

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                  Intel Corporation
                  This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                  Hi, , Thank you very much for letting us know those details, we really appreciate that information and it will be very helpful for all the peers that are trying to inject the USB 3.0 drivers to Windows® 7. To answer your inquiry, the USB 3.0 Creator Utility does work with NUC6 models, the reason why I suggested to try the Utility with Windows® 8.1 is because that is the way I did it in our lab and it works with no problems, there are some cases reported by different peers that sometimes the tool does not work with Windows® 10 even though it should.

                  Perfect, not problem, and yes, the DISM method seems to be very long, but it is always an alternative, it works for us as well.

                  Any other inquiry, do not hesitate in contact us again.


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                    I have the same issue. Just purchased an Intel NUC 7th gen (713) I followed all the steps

                    Made a bootable USB stick

                    copied files to root of usb stck

                    ran Win Usb 3 creator from intel


                    this got me started on the install. Before it stopped at the very start of the install


                    I now get to the install screen where I have to had to enter computer name and user name and once again it  loses USB 3

                    as both usb mouse and usb keyboard drop out so I can not continue


                    I am stuck here. do I follow suggestion and plug SSD into another computer to get past this


                    Any help appreciated

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                      In order for the USB 3.0 drivers to work in this scenario, you likely need to patch the INF file to have entries for the USB 3.0 device id's used in the newer chipset.



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                        Hi Scott,

                        Thanks for the response. Can you possibly give me a clue or point me in the right direction on how to do this?





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                          OMG! If you don't know how to do the simpler things like this, what are you doing attempting to finagle Windows 7 onto unsupported hardware in the first place? If this was simple, someone would have already published a cookbook for doing so. Since no one has, I would presume that there are more complex issues that will need to be overcome (i.e. USB 3.0 support may be just the tip of the iceberg).


                          Here's the quick-and-dirty explanation. If you don't understand all of this, well, there's no point in going any further...


                          You need to study the device id's for the USB 3.0 devices that are enumerated in the driver's .INF file for the most-recent chipset (PCH component) that *is* supported. Then, you need to create entries (yes, plural) for the corresponding device ids in the new (unsupported) chipset. Once this is done, you must manually inject the drivers into your Windows 7 boot and install images using the appropriate DISM commands. Then, you pray that the new devices work the same as the old ones.



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                            This IS possible. You just need a touch or sorcery. And Windows 7 is still the best available version of Windows. Win10 is an ad platform and you NOT deny that. I want my OS the fark out of my way so my stuff runs amazingly. Win7 can be almost as good as Linux in some cases.


                            What you need to do, and I'll add to this once I find the simplest solution is have it install the USB 3 drivers on boot. setup.exe -b -s. There are a myriad of ways to get around UAC but I'm trying to find the simplest most effective. One method I've often used is using a m.2 to SATA adapter and a good in between hardware setup like a B150 board that still has USB 2 AND USB 3. Get everything up to date there then transition to the new NUC. Yes, it is more work but if you want to keep a Win7 install intact this is a easy enough way. For a clean install just use the Intel USB3 tool that slipstreams the driver into the install.

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                              Thanks MikeO,

                              Just so it is clear. I initially tried a clean Win7 install on a NUC 7i3 (7th gen) and did not not get past the keyboard / language screen as the mouse and keyboard had dropped out (no USB drivers) I then ran the Intel USB3 tool and that got me past that screen and kept the USB keyboard and mouse alive. The install then continued to the user / computer name screen and the mouse / keyboard dropped out again.


                              Any idea?



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                                This means that the USB3 insertion tool was successful inserting the USB 3.0 drivers into the boot image, but failed to insert the drivers into the install image. This is a common occurrence, unfortunately. The DISM tool will work just fine for a while and then start failing regularly. Your best chance of success is to run the DISM commands manually.


                                I am attaching a script file (renamed to .TXT) that details all of the DISM commands that are necessary to complete the driver insertion. DO NOT TRY TO RUN THIS BATCH FILE! You want to run these commands manually from a DOS box. Now, the DISM command that regularly seems to fail is the unmount command. In my experience, I have found that the command is successfully committing the changes to the WIM file but it then fails (times out) because the WIM file cannot be unmounted. When this occurs, use this command to complete the unmount operation: "dism /unmount-wim /mountdir:mount /discard".


                                Hope this helps,




                                [Edit: I forgot to mention that you should search for information on how to do this manually. It is available in a number of places on the web. My above information is an augmentation to this information]