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    implement resolution downsampling/downscaling


      We're requesting Intel on adding downsampling/downscaling feature in its graphics drivers!


      Downsampling/downscaling is achieved by exposing a virtual resolution which is higher the actual monitor resolution (usually above native resolution) and then resizing the screen to native resolution with bilinear filtering or a similar technique. The result is a form of brute-force super-sampling anti-aliasing which works in almost any software.

      NVIDIA already supports it in its drivers and it's called (Dynamic Super Resolution). But in Optimus configurations, scaling is done by the Intel HD Graphics. So, Optimus users are locked out of the feature.


      This feature should be a default in any graphics driver. Intel is always behind everyone else.... for example the last significant change you've done was the implementation of EDID override in your drivers (which also should be a default in any graphics driver) and it took you 2 YEARS.....I am speechless.