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    Graphics Driver doesn't work well in Windows 10 Creators Update(15063.13)


      Description: I just update my Windows10 to 15063.13, but the Intel Graphics Driver ( doesn't work. I try to uninstall and reinstall many times, but also failed. I try to double click the icon of  Intel Graphics Management or right click run as administrator, it always doesn't work. I use the NVIDIA's management and find that Intel HD 4600 created several vitual screens (there is a screenshot in attach) and I can't remove them. It always happened. This make me can't use my second display normally, the main screen was in vitual screen. The real and physic display just were extend  screens.


      HW/SW/Configurations: You can get more imformation in attach. It was made by Intel SSU


      How to repro:

      1. Install Windows10_15063.13

      2. Open Hyper-V and some other Windows functions like IIS2 or FTP and so on.

      3. Connect a second screen.




      I close the Hyper-V and it goes well.


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