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    Harware accelaration for vp9 not working

      I have I5- 4200U processor with intelHD graphics 4400 & AMD 8670M onboard

      In chrome, intel GPU was blacklisted as hardware acceleration not supported.

      So i did override settings to force enable it, also enabled zero copy rasterization & nativegpumemory buffers to hardware accelerated

      Screenshot (1163).png

      but out of luck....perfomance is little better but still skipping frames on 1080p60fps video..earlier before tweaking...it used to skip 40% frames...but now its skipping 10% frames

      then i observed while playing vp9 video which decoder is using typed in chrome://media-internals and it was showing vpx decoderScreenshot (1165).png

      few random videos play on youtube in h264.mp4 , At that time decoder shows GPU decoder but out of luck for vp9

      While playing vp9 video at 1080p 60fps...CPU usage skyrockets to 88% & at normal 1080p video around 50% .....to my surprise..gpu is also ytaking stress at around 25% though vp9 was software decoding

      any workaround is highly appreciated...thanks ....will be active here...running latest drivers btw

      I've also checked by dxva checker, there is no sign of VP9 support...is my gpu not supported  :-( or its any driver bug ???

      Screenshot (1166).png