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    erreur de démarrage de windows 10 sur intel joule (ecran bleu)


      Hello, I'm Cédric. I have been working on a 550x intel joule module with windows 10 for a while. During my work I tried to use the I2C bus several to communicate the edge and another chip without success. When I looked at the active devices I realized that the I2C bus did not start. And according to the site of microsoft, it was necessary to update the drivers. I followed a tutorial that said to use visual studio, the driver tool after installing windows driver kit. But during the process, the board restarted and stopped on a blue screen with as ACPI BIOS ERROR message. Even after several restarts, no changes.


      I do not know what to do. Is there a person who can help me identify the problem? And if possible resolve it. 



      Thank you for your help.