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    Need some guidance


      Good Afternoon,


      We have just received a batch of new hp pc's, all with the Vpro sticker.



      I have had a look at the main Intel website but I am struggling to get the information I require so I thought I would try in here.



      I want to look into the functionality of AMT and if it would suit our company.



      I was wondering how and where I can get started with installing this on a test system - is there a install package for the server?? Also any how-to configure guides would be great!!



      I have a spare windows 2003 server I can put it on - is there anything else I need??









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          Hi Dave..


          Do you already have a ISV that you utilize for managing your systems?    


          I would also check out this quick start guide, it's really good at the starting steps on how to get AMT going in your company.  http://communities.intel.com/docs/DOC-1085


          Josh H

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            First - congratulations and welcome to Intel vPro.


            As Josh stated - the quick start guide on this site may provide some insights\help.


            Some other quick turnaroud items to help in your internal learnings\testing are as follows.


            Lastly - if you are working with an Intel account representative or key partner, and have 10k or more clients in your environment - ask about "vPro Activation".   more information needed - let us know.

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              Cheers for the information.







              I now have the AMT SCS Console up and running with 1 provisioned machine.




              I have gone to the intel web console on the pc but it cant see how to remote control the PC.




              Also I saw a message about AMT Commander and Outpost - is this the software i'm missing







              Hope this message makes sense??









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                Hi Dave!



                Let me add to the confusion in this thread



                1) The SCS is required to provision systems in "Enterprise" mode. If you just want to test the iAMT capabilities of a system, I strongly suggest that you stick with SMB (Small-Medium-Business)-mode for now. It does not allow you to encrypt the iAMT traffic to and from the vPro system, but it will provide you with  exactly the same features as Enterprise mode. Terry posted a link to  a[ video that explains SMB mode provisioning|p-10608]  above. As the system is already provisioned, you might as well stick with that.



                2) I am surprised none of the people that replied before me suggested you use AMT Commander for testing (not for production use). It is not a tool that should be used in production, but it will allow you to easily get familiar with the features that iAMT offers. You can download it here. It requires the Microsoft .net framework to be installed on the system you want to use it on. You could also install it on another desktop PC, for testing. Remeber that you will not be able to locally connect to AMT (e.g. run AMT commander on the same machine that you want to control) for security reasons. I consider AMT Commander to be a pretty much straight forward tool, post here again if you have any questions on how to use it,  and/or watch the video tutorials on the AMT-DTK page (link is above)



                3) If you decide to broaden your iAMT testing, check with your management console vendor, whether they support iAMT in their products. Most of them do by now.



                Good luck evaluating, let us know if you need more help.






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                  AMT commander and outpost are part of the Developer Toolkit - these are great for enablement\development.  Also great for lab testing before selecting an enterprise\production grade software solution.


                  Check out the quick start guide.

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                    Hey you may want to check out my quick provisioning video for intelAMT. It might help you out.

                    Here's the link to it on the vPro Expert Center.




                    Kelsey Witherow