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    Can anyone recommend a good wireless Keyboard/Trackpad unit? Mine has a weird bug...


      I'm currently using a Logitech K400 920-007119 Wireless Keyboard/Trackpad. It's a GREAT device. However there's a weird bug with the NUC. When I move the move to the far left edge of the screen, it gets caught up on some invisible "objects." The mouse will freeze when you move it to the left edge for ~2 seconds and then magically teleport to the general direction you were trying to move it. It's the weirdest thing. If you've ever played a First Person Shooter, it's kind of like rubberbanding. It happens in Ubuntu, Fedora, AND the NUC Visual BIOS.... So I think it's a NUC issue.



      I know the Logitech isn't officially supported, so can anyone recommend a good wireless Keyboard/Trackpad device that they don't have any bugs with?