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    uart with MIDI baudrate ?




      is it possible to use the Midi Baudrate 31250   on the uart-1 ?


      I tried using the ermaa library and an additional iocl call  (see below) to

      change the baud rate to the not defined 31250. This works on other linux systems.


      However I do get an error: uart-1: set baudrate: invalid baudrate 15.


      Any idea how to solve?



      Thank you







      int ir=ioctl(mraactx->fd, TCGETS2, &tio);

        if (ir != 0) printf("Error in ioctl(mraactx->fd, TCGETS2, &tio)");

        tio.c_cflag &= ~CBAUD;

        tio.c_cflag |= BOTHER;

        tio.c_ispeed = 31250;

        tio.c_ospeed = 31250;

        /* do other miscellaneous setup options with the flags here */

        ir=ioctl(mraactx->fd, TCSETS2, &tio);