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    Unable to Enable RAID for NUC6i7kyk


      Trying to enable RAID 0 for two PCIe NVMe drives by following the documentation here: RAID Setup for Intel® NUC Kit NUC6i7KYK


      However, once I change Chipset SATA mode from AHCI to RAID and enable the storage remapping for both slots, save changes and reboot, the NUC stops posting. It just sits there not doing anything, with the fan spinning.

      I have to force power off then hold the power button waiting for the three beeps to be able to get it booted and back into BIOS.

      Once in BIOS, the option for "Add-In Config" does not show up under the Devices section.


      I've updated BIOS to the latest version (v45) as well as attempted reverting back to what my device shipped with (v42), and reset BIOS options numerous times. Nothing seems to work.

      When leaving the remppaing options off, the device can boot OK, and both drives are visible to the OS.


      Any ideas what is going on here? Is my NUC faulty?

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          You also enabled UEFI and disabled Legacy, right?

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            Intel Corporation
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            Hello MrAnt,

            Thank you for contacting Intel Communities.

            According to the information you provided, you are in step 5 of the guide but you can't go to step 6 due to boot issues, is that right?

            If yes, please try the following:

            • Both NVMe drives have the latest firmware.
            • Attempt to create the RAID using one drive at the time: 
              • Test drive one on M.2 slot 1 (check RST PCIe Storage Remapping for M.2 slot 1), save changes (F10) and continue to step 9 (don't select create RAID Volume as we want to check if the drive being tested is recognized)
              • Test drive one on M.2 slot 2 (check RST PCIe Storage Remapping for M.2 slot 2 and uncheck slot 1), and check if the drive is recognized in step 9.
            • The process should be done with the second drive as well.

            Please let me know how it goes.



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              Correct, after step 5, my NUC stops booting.


              I tried the recommended steps, configuring RAID one drive at a time, alternating drives between M.2 slots. Every time I enable RST remapping for the active slot, with either drive, the same behavior happens. If I enable RST for the empty slot, the device boots correctly and I am able to see the "Add-In Config" section as expected.


              I am installing Windows now so I will be able to apply any firmware updates for my drives.

              FWIW, I have two Kingston HyperX Predator 240GB drives, model # SHPM2280P2/240G

              Will report back once firmware is updated.


              Regarding enabling UEFI and disabling Legacy, can you elaborate on this? I don't see any such options in BIOS settings.

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                On the left side of the Home scene in BIOS Setup (Visual BIOS) is a Boot Order window. Make sure that option UEFI Boot is checked on the UEFI tab and that option Legacy Boot is unchecked on the Legacy tab.


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                  Turns out it was the SSD firmware. Updated both drives to the latest available using the Kingston app (Download KSM_10010_5TP, for shpm2280p2 | Kingston Technology )

                  Once firmware was updated, re-enabled RAID and RST remapping options and machine booted correctly and Add-In Config option was available now. Configured RAID array using tool and everything is working as expected now.


                  Thanks for the help!