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    Is the E3845's Core Temperature with DTS value saturated at low ambient temperature?




      I use E3845.

      And I measure CPU core temperature with DTS value.

      I think the Tj-max of the E3845's core is 110 degree Celsius.

      So, If DTS value is 127, I assume the core temperature is 110.

      But, the kernal function just return's the relative value (k= DTS - 127 ),

      so I calculate as follows,

      Tcore = Tj-max - k;


      According to Chapter 8' table 62 and its note, of family datasheet,

      if DTS =127, then the temperature is 110, and DTS 137, then the temperature is 90, and so forth.

      This means Tcore = Tj-max - k*2. But anyway I use" Tcore = Tj-max - k" formula.


      Now, my problem is this,

      When I put the board into chamber, and set the temperature as -40 degree Celsius.

      And wait for more than one hour with borad power off, I measure the core temperature just after booting up, but the result was just -9 degree Celsius.

      Under -50 degree Celsius environment, the result was same.


      What is the reason of this kind of low temperature limitation ?


      Dis you experience this kind of saturation?

      Or just I use wrong formula for core temperature measurement ?


      Thank you for reading this article.