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    NUC wouldn't detect my new monitor - I needed a higher version, high-speed HDMI cable v.2.0.


      I spent hours yesterday - including a lot of time with Intel's live chat support - trying to work out why a newly purchased LG 27" monitor wouldn't be detected by my NUC, even though all I was doing was unplugging my old 23" LG monitor (which worked fine) and plugging the same HDMI cable into the new monitor.


      Answer: I was using an HDMI v.1.3 cable, when in fact I needed a higher version (not sure how high). So I went out and purchased a 2.0 "high speed" HDMI cable - problem solved.


      Hopefully this information will save others a lot of time.


      Further reading: HDMI 2.0: What you need to know - CNET