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    Bad 6700Ks and older Intel Coolers


      I build hundreds of computers a year. I am starting to see a more than normal amount of bad Intel CPUs, which is very rare to have a bad CPU. Out of these few hundred machines, I seen about 8-10 bad 6700Ks. I only use retail boxed CPUs. The problem always follows the CPU, and same problem occurs on different motherboards. The CPU will give random bluescreens, always with a different error. Usually the CPU will only run for a few minutes before a bluescreen. Anything CPU intensive, benchmarking, or sometimes even booting to Windows will trigger the bluescreen. Replace the CPU and the computer will be back to normal.  I would say half of theses CPUs are bad out of the retail box, and the other half fail in about a month of usage.


      I only use stock Intel CPU coolers. Since these CPUs are K variants they do not come with coolers. I am getting CPU cooler “pulls”. These are new coolers that are un-used from a different boxed Intel CPU. They are a copper center stock fan, usually un-used from a 1156 Xeon CPU. I am replacing the stock Intel thermal compound on the bottom of the heatsink with new, as the stock thermal compound is hard and dry.  The link below is an example of the coolers I am using.



      Is the clamping force the same from a 1156/1555/1150 stock Intel Cooler the same as the stock Intel cooler that comes with a non-k 1151 CPU? It seems to me these have much greater clamping force than the stock coolers that come with 6th or 7th gen CPUs. It is harder to clamp the black push pins in place to secure the cooler, and I am noticing a slight bow or warping of the motherboard. I noticed the PCB is much thinner on the 6th gen CPUs compared to 4th gen or older. Could micro cracks in the CPU be causing these random bluescreens. After inspection of a failed CPU, the CPU is never bent or warped, and the motherboard pins are not bent.


      Any thoughts?