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    Galileo Gen 2 Linux image compilation (IoT kit included)


      Dear all


      As many other people, I am the owner of a Galileo GEN 2 board and, as many others too, I am trying to compile its OS for being able to modify/program some very low caracteristicts of it after that.

      I have been looking for a guide to do that on internet but it seems this issue is not very well covered. In fact, I have been 3 weeks trying to follow those guides with no proper results. I do no consider myself as an expert on this things (embedded systems & Linux) but I also not consider myself a complete ignorant on it.

      Please, would be possible to ask for help in order to prepare a proper userguide/procedure/explanation about how to compile, at least, the basic OS for GALILEO GEN 2? It can be using Yocto, ct-ng,... or whatever other way/tool you want.


      Thanks in advance.