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    NUC Kit NUC6i7KYK Bluetooth vanished




      24 hours ago, the bluetooth functionality on my NUC6i7KYK vanished mid sentence whilst typing.  I figured the keyboard was flat, so plugged it in for charging.  Later that day I came back unplugged the now fully charged keyboard, turned the NUC6i7KYK back on and still no keyboard.  I clicked the cortana button down the bottom, typed bluetooth thinking that the keyboard must of unpaired somehow.  Well there was no bluetooth in the results, only a picture of a plane (enable flight mode).   Flight mode was not no by the way.


      Alright so next port of call, the Control Panel to check out Bluetooth options there.  There were none.  Head scratching begins.  Go into Device Manager, no bluetooth in there either.  Strange.  Ok, so I update the Intel(R) Driver Update Utility to version 2.7.2, and then run it as Administrator and update everything thinking that will solve the issue.  Still nothing. 


      For clarity the version the installer installed was BT_WIN10_64_19.40.1702.exe Curiously it said the install failed, but when I ran it again, it came up with current version as 19.40.1702


      Ok so still no joy.  I reboot and go into the BIOS, yes Bluetooth is enabled.  Reboot still no bluetooth.


      Now I check out available BIOS updates.  I was running version 42 i think from memory.  I download and successfully install BIOS update [KYSKLi70.86A] from the Intel website. 


      Still nothing.  I google and come across this website.  I find a bit of advice posed by Intel Corporation in regard to another user that was having a similar issue.  The advice suggested to go into Device Manager, click on Show Hidden Items, then uninstall the Intel(R) Wireless Bluetooth.  I did this, still no bluetooth.  Now that no longer displays in Device Manager. 


      So my conclusion is that the Bluetooth component is faulty.  I'll happily try any other options.  Please help.  I had to go out an buy a wired keyboard to type this message!




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