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    RAM compatibility with DP43TF Board


      I have a build with a DP43TF Board in it. A few weeks ago a guy brought it to me with 2 GB Kingston DDR2 800MHz when he was supposed to bring a 4 GB stick. When I noticed that discrepancy in the BIOS and DxDiag, I called and told him to give me the 4 GB stick. We settled a location and I got the 4 GB Stick. It was an identical stick, so similar that the ONLY thing that visually changed was the "2G" to "4G". It was a 4 GB Kingston. The thing is that when I put it in place and tested it, I noticed that BIOS and DxDiag showed 2048 MB. Not to confuse with 4 GB but 2 GB usable, It just showed 2048 MB. I installed CPU-z and it says 2 GB. I'm pretty sure that it is because this board can't hold more than 2 GB on each DIMM Slot, for which i tried to update the BIOS with Express BIOS. Everything went successful but still, 2 GB showing. Are my speculations true? Should i try and switch the 4 GB Stick for 2x2GB? Thank you in advance.