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    Intel HD Graphics: In-game resolution "locked"!


      Hi everybody.

      I play videogames in a ASUS laptop.

      Here are the specs: Windows 10 64 bits, CPU i5-6200 U, 12 GB RAM DDR 4 and 2 GPU: Intel HD 520 and a NVIDIA GeForce 920 MX.


      The problem is that i cant chanche the resoluiton of the games. In the graphical setting menu of the games on the resolutipn settings it only gives you the 1366×768 resolution.

      In Wach_dogs 2, Mad Max, NFS MW and others i can't change the resolution.


      But if I use an externa monitor (like a TV) I can chance the screen settings.


      I'm trying to use a resolutio below the native because my PC is not a gaming machine and lower resolutions willresult in more FPS.

      I'm trying to vhanche to 800x600 or 1280x720.



      The exeptions are CS:GO (or any other Source Engine game) and PES 2017.


      Attached you can see my Inel graphics driver report.