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    update the BIOS on your motherboard DH61WW


      Can't update BIOS ,tried all methods.

      Guys help! As sequentially (step by step) to upgrade the BIOS on motherboards DH61WW now installed 0035.Iposle upgrade this motherboard will support Ivy bridge processors? Excuse me ... why is it so hard ,you can make the process easier and not updated 0048-it is not filled, and if it is updated, it seems, 0099 , and then the last one.Many thanks in advance!


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          Hello Vrill,
          Thank you for contacting the Intel community.
          If you have BIOS version 035 installed, I suggest you to update to BIOS version 0041 by doing a BIOS recovery, then update to BIOS version 0042 , 0044 , 0046  and then 0048 using the same recovery method, if you cannot update one of this versions skip it and go to the next version.
          I understand that this can be tedious but since you have an old BIOS version and updating to the newest versions will have structural changes.
          Once you update to BIOS 0035 and above you will be able to use a 3rd generation processor and if you want to update the BIOS to the latest version 0120  skip bios version 0099 and continue with the rest. I have seen people having some issues updating to BIOS version 0099 so for that reasons I recommend skipping this BIOS version.
          I hope this can help you.
          Best wishes,

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            Thank You Ivan!!! I'll try as You wrote. I think that turn

            PS to 0099 everything turned out ,I made a mistake because they don't listen to You, what would it skip. Download and stops after menu .to go to BIOS does not allow you to change the settings, but then the disk will not appeal, and now we must return to the or 0041 0035, in order not to repeat the mistakes. How to return or 0041 0035