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    Health Sensor Problem with S2600WTTR/S2224WTTYSR/LSI 9266-8i



      We have three identical servers:

      -Mainboard S2600WTTR / Bios SE5C610.86B.01.01.0019.101220160604 / BMC 1.47.10181

      -Chassis R2224WTTYSR

      -Controller LSI Megaraid 9266-8i / 23.34.0-0019

      -Samsung Pro 2 TB SSD Drives




      On two Servers with ESXi 6.5 after a few hours of operation, single or multiple drives (even non-populated slots) will flash orange.

      In the integratet BMC, warnings are logged.

      But the LSI/AVAGO Megaraid Storage Manager does not display a problem.

      After a restart (power-off/on !-not just restart) all Warnings lights are gone. But after a few hours they will be displayed. (not always the same drives -  its random)

      On the one with Windows 2016 Server - No Issues !

      Any ideas ? any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!