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    Skull Canyon audio popping from HDMI


      So I know many here have had this issue. What I find odd is that each of the threads was considered answered but they didn't actually have any solution. I'm a new Skull Canyon owner what wasn't cheap. I have the skull canyon going into my yamaha receiver via HDMI that then sends the audio to the speaker. I have a 3.1 setup.


      I've been using this setup for 3 years now with no issues but the mac mini I had was basic and didn't have the memory needed to keep up. I upgraded to the NUC but have been having this audio issue. From my research and perspective the issue appears to be with the audio driver, a software issue and not a hardware one. From what I found from the realtek people is that the audio signal via hdmi is actually from the "Intel(R) Display Audio". The second I click to uninstall driver the pop happens then it's gone. Reinstall the driver and it's there again. It's not a cable issue or a receiver issue. It's the Intel GPU handling the audio. The sound could best be described as a "Power saver" type issue, maybe. Like when it's not being used, such as typing this, the signal is turned off. The second you start anything with audio it then turns back on. The signal is then sent which creates the pop. Once the signal is done playing the sound it then shuts back off. I just made a video. The sounds in the video are from my speakers an no other source.


      Intel Skull Canyon audio pop - YouTube


      I've found people for around a year claiming this issue. From what I've read it doesn't appear anyone at Intel can create the same issue we've been having so I took the video just 10 minutes ago. This is obviously a software issue with so many of having the same experience so I'd like to make a checklist of what to do to fix this. I use it as a media PC which destroys it's purpose.