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      I recently bought an ADD2 card with HDMI, I am getting no sound through the HDMI. A ribbon cable was supplied with the card (15pin) for the HD AUDIO LINK header....


      I don't have that header, I have a 9pin front panel header. Is there someway to connect the HD Link on the card to the 9pin on the board?


      Thought about scrapping the board for and swapping a new one in the case.... Unfortunately the case is set up for BTX mobo's. So I want to make this work otherwise I'm getting into a new case, mobo, etc...

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          As I understand your HDMI card has a 9 pin cable to be connected to the HD auio link header on the motherboard but your motherboard does not have one. If that is correct unfortunately you will not be able to connect that card to the motherboard since the audio front panel is not validated for that type of connection.


          Depending on the motherboard you have, you may laternatively have an S/PDIF header to connect an ADD2 card with HDMI to it, however you would need to check if your motherboard features a header like this and use an add-in card with a similar connector.


          To see what are the type of headers that your motherboard provided and see the pin out on them you may refer to the technical product specification (TPS) of your motherboard.