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    SFF video editor -  Help Suggestions


      I am really stuck on getting Small Form factor.


      However, I have analysis paralysis.  


      Stuck between a Skull Canyon nuc6i7KYK 

      Intel's Skull Canyon NUC - A Compact Powerhouse? - YouTube


      or this rig


      As Rock 110 mini-STX

      The BEST Small Computer? Meet The Asrock DeskMini 110 - YouTube




      Skull Canyon has i7-6770-HQ - older,slower CPU speed (2.6 - 3.5)  - better iGPU - Iris Pro 580

      AsRock I would  load with an i7-7700   -  newer, Faster CPU (3.6 - 4.2)  , slower iGPU - HD 630


      I want this for portable WQHD video editing with either Premiere Elements or KdenLive

      Not 4K editting.

      There would be some effects.  KDENLive or Premiere Elements.


      The AsRock  I would load with this:


      1) i7-7700  -  $315

      2) 256 m.2 nmve pcie boot drive  $100

      3) 512GB 2.5  HDD   $50

      4) (2x8) Gskills Ripjaws     $110 

      5) AsRock Mini-STX case   $140


      Total around: ~ $715) Give or take


      But the Skull Canyon is around $1000 or more to comparably loaded.


      Plus, after a year, the SKULL CANYON has reports of loud fan noise among some. NOT reparable.


      Problem:   I only need 256GB m.2  for the boot drive.  Storage can be on an HDD.  Skull Canyon does not allow that,

      without an external drive


      An i7-7700 has far more CPU power than the i7-6770HQ.  But which is better for video editing.


      I will not be overclocking.


      So here is the issue:  In both cases, I would be using an INTEL product, but which is better

      for WQHD video editting (2560 x 1440)


      I would be using with Premiere Element or KDENlive.


      I like small form factors.   I would be doing a 10 minute video per day.


      Yes, I could build something myself, but by the time you are through, it is almost as much as buying one.


      The closest pre-made would be an HP Z2 G3 mini, maxed out at arount $1900 but it would have

      a Quadro K620 Graphics Card.  Again, not spectacular.,




      I know this is not ideal.  None of these have Graphics cards (Well the HP Z2 G3 Mini has a graphics card,

      but incredibly weak).


      Your thoughts.

      Considering YT video production.


      Finally, will be considering dual boot with Linux, and a VM.

      Is 16GB enough, or should I go to 32GB.

      Right now, I have 10GB on an older AMD and I cannot run VM at all.