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    Applying Advanced Settings to Unattended Driver install


      I would like to deploy a customized PROSet Driver to our company's laptops. My goal is to change the Roaming Aggressiveness, Preferred Band settings, and CCX from the default to a customized setting that fits our environment. Can this be done using the setup.xml file that is included in the PROSet driver zip folder? Below is the default setup.xml file, what would I need to change Roaming Aggressiveness to highest, Preferred Band to 5.2, and CCX Support to Enabled?

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
          <Configuration Id="default">
              <SelectableFeature Id="WIFI_Driver" Display="no" Selected="yes" />
              <SelectableFeature Id="WIFI_Software" Display="no" Selected="yes" />
              <SelectableFeature Id="WIFI_MWT_Software" Display="yes" Selected="yes" />
              <SelectableFeature Id="WIFI_UI" Display="no" Selected="yes" />
              <SelectableFeature Id="WIFI_Admin_Toolkit" Display="yes" Selected="no" />
              <SelectableFeature Id="UI_PROSet" Display="yes" Selected="no" />
              <Package Id="WiFi">
          <Configuration Id="defaultUpgrade" Upgrade="true">
              <SelectableFeature Id="WIFI_Driver" Display="no" Selected="yes" />


      I'm using version 19.40.0. The majority of the laptops use 7260 NIC but there will be a few outliers. If I enable CCX in the setup.xml and then apply the driver to an Intel NIC that doesn't support CCX, what will happen?