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    Intel SSD Toolbox - error connecting to drive




      I have bought Intel SSD X 25-M 160 GB G2. My motherboard is Gigabyte 790 XTA AM3. I installed Windows 7 ultimate on the SSD. Installed intel sss toolbox utility. It was working fine then. Later I installed MB drivers, disabled defragmentation, indexing, pagefile, Superfetch and Prefetch. Now when I start Intel SSD toolbox it says: error connecting to drive. I tried reinstaliing the windiows 7 without erasing the SSD disc, but it didnt help and I still cannot use the SSD toolbox, because of "error connecting to drive". Reinstalling the Toolbox didnt help too.


      Anybody could please advice how to go on now?


      Shall I use " HDD ERASE" to wipe the disc and try reinstalling Windows 7 again?


      Thank you



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          hI Radoslav


          I see you are using the nVidia motherboard. The problem is, probably, that you have installed the nVidia IDE driver with the rest of the MB drivers.

          Try rolling back to the Windows IDE driver in device manager and it should work.

          I don't know the advantages of the nVidia over the Windows driver except the SSD Toolbox doesn't work with nVidia.


          It worked for me.


          Good Luck


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            Hi Mike,


            thanx a lot for helping, but unfortunately  as far as I know this is not nvidia motherboard. its Gigabyte 790XTA-UD4 . I erased the SSD and then toolbox worked for 12 hours. Even after installing the motherboard drivers all was fine. Now I installed few games and again the Intel SSD toolbox says errror connecting to drive. I cant believe it. When trying to rollback the "standard dual channel PCI IDE controller", It's blank and I can't do it.


            any ideas?

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              I have an EVGA 790 Sli ultra motherboard with Nvidia drivers, same issue.   I had no problems updating my bios for my Mboard and no problem updating the firmware but Intel needs to find a better toolbox.   This really isn't a Nvidia or EVGA problem and shouldn't be considered to be one as this is an Intel SSD drive and whatever software Intel provides should work with whatever boards and drivers that are out there of provide a driver/software specifically for this drive which will work regardless of other hardware.   Anyone remember how Sata drivers were first installed when loading Windows onto a drive ... Windows prompted you to press "F6" if you needed to install a Raid or Sata driver.   If all Sata drivers will work with the Intel SSD drives, then the software should also work if Raid is disabled and the SSD drive has been updated with the latest firmware.   Passing the buck to Nvidia, EVGA or whatever other manufacturer is wrong, this is an Intel product and Intel needs to provide drivers and / or software that can be used without these kind of errors.  If Intel software can't connect or communicate with it's own hardware, then what's the point in downloading something you can't use ?


              P.S. This drive is seen, partitioned and formatted by Windows 7 .. 32 bit and works fine, Intel Toolbox doesn't work and it needs to be revised so it will work ... great drive .... bad toolbox.

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                I have seen issues come up with some PC games but there are some issues with Windows 7.  First thing I done was turn off the UAC or User Account Control as this causes a lot of issues.   I turned off Windows auto update, Windows Defender and Windows Explorer.  If you can, check and see if your motherboard is using onboard audio like Realtek HD Audio as it might be a good idea to update this software to the latest as older versions or audio drivers can create issues.   Uninstall any software and hardware you might have installed after you installed the Toolbox, try and find what software or hardware changes were causing any issues.   Whatever you don't use or need to have turned on in your bios, turn them  off.  I had the IDE turned on in my bios and had no IDE devices connected.  You will find whatever it was that caused Toolbox to stop working but it will take you some time, uninstalling and reinstalling to find it ..... good luck with that.

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                  I agree. The hardware is Intel, so Intel need to step up and support it properly. I'm also stuck without the ability to use the toolbox.

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                    Have you tried not installing the nVidia drivers? Windows 7 seems to have drivers for most motherboards. I have a Gigabyte X48 chipset board and didn't install anything from the Gigabyte website. I just let Windows update decide what to install and also downloaded the X48 chipset drivers direct from Intel.


                    I had major problems with an Nvidia board in the past, so much so that I changed it to the X48 chipset one from Gigabyte.