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    Where to source USB 3 micro B male to micro B male cable?


      The stock R200 Realsense camera comes with USB3 male to micro B male cable, which does not work for UP Board since UP Board does not have USB3 female.

      The only solution is to get a USB 3 micro B male to micro B male cable. But where to find that cable? I have been trying to find online for a long time but to no avail. Anyone knows?


      PS: I've tried the adaptor and it does not work. Facing the same problem as this thread. intel realsense r200 rdk VIDIOC_DQBUF error 19



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          It took me a while to work out what you were asking for.  Luckily I have the Robotics Kit and so could examine the R200 cable and Up board connector. 


          The R200 developer kit cable is USB 3.0 on one end and Micro USB on the other end.  The Micro USB goes into the RealSense camera, and the USB 3.0 end is supposed to connect to the Micro USB port on the Up board, via an adapter dongle.  Hence why you seek a cable that is Micro USB male-male.


          I did absolutely exhaustive research on this and could not find any USB 3.0 compatible cables of this type.  I could only find one anywhere, and that was USB 2.0   So I really think the USB 3.0 adapter is the best chance of the R200 working with an Up board.


          Here's the link to that USB 2.0 B to B cable anyway in case you are interested.


          2m USB Micro B Male To Micro B Male Charger Cable Lead - Smartphone Data Sync | eBay