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    Unsolvable 3D performance issue with windows 10 UA / FPS drops / Intel HD 620


      Hi everyone !


      I really need your help for fixing this unsolvable issue I'm having with my Zenbook UX330UA.

      It seriously nonsense and after trying a bunch of solutions found on the internet, right now I'm clueless and don't know where to look at. I tried posting in the gaming sub and on reddit but so far no luck. I'm posting here because after my days and days of investigation I came to think that it wasn't a gaming related (First though it was a bug related to CSGO but it's larger than that and concerns all 3D activities.)


      A little of back story before to start.

      UX330UA with core I5 7200U / Intel HD Graphics 620/ 8GB ram/ 512 GB SSD/ 1080p display

      Clean install of vanilla windows 10 UA, currently up to date. Graphics drivers up to date and bios fw up to date.

      You can consider my system clean and not filled with junk as I just installed the basic softwares (Words, Winrar, Adobe Reader, Skype, Chrome ...)

      I installed Steam and only downloaded CSGO.


      This is when I found out I couldn't play more than 2 mins before experiencing regular FPS drops. CSGO runs at 70+ FPS when everything is normal and is super smooth then intermittently every 3 mins I'll get FPS drops under 10 FPS for 10 seconds before coming back to normal and super smooth.


      I discovered online they was a known FPS drops issue with CSGO and Windows 10 that Steam officially addressed (solution is turning off Xbox DVR in windows 10)

      Disabling Xbox DVR in Windows 10 - Documentation - Knowledge Base - Steam Support

      It didn't solve the problem.


      I continued to dig in the internet in search of a solution and I found this, that seemed to fix the FPS drops issue for some people. Basically flushing out all the settings of CSGO by deleting 2 folders in Steam directory.

      CS:GO - Getting FPS drops? Maybe This Will Help! - YouTube

      I guess it was more meant for people who aggressively tweaked their game, It didn't change anything for me since I had just installed CSGO and didn't set up any launch command or whatever.


      I found that "silly" solution suggested by a redditor that consisted on deleting Steam DirectX folder in order to re-download the directX files next time I launch the game. After doing so I ran a game integrity check (Steam option) that came up ok but it didn't fix my FPS drops.

      Fixed CS:GO fps drops on Windows 10 : GlobalOffensive


      At that point I decided to uninstall the game along with these folders to completely start from scratch :

      C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive

      C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\XXXXXX\730


      Reinstalled the game, ran an integrity checkup which came up with no missing files.

      Launched the game, Steam installed DirectX files and after 2mins in the menu FPS dropped below 10 again


      Up to that point I was focused on CSGO since there were a known issue similar to mine that many people faced but then I started considering that it might be windows or hardware related.


      So I downloaded OCCT and ran a 3D GPU test and I noticed that every time the CPU temperature reached out 70° it caused FPS to drop around 10 FPS exactly when I'm gaming. Even the 3D animation lagged exactly when I'm gaming. This is it, this is a heating issue, basic throttling issue ...



      I download notebook fan control and set RTM at 100%. The fan is loudly blowing, I lunch CSGO, CPU temp stays ultra cool at 50° so I'm like I fixed the heating issue only to see yet again FPS drops ! I really don't get it. The graph says it's a heating issue !


      Ok I download MSI afterburn to monitor GPU usage when FPS drops happen and I actually found out GPS usage max out when it happens where it would have supposedly dropped out in case of a throttling issue right ?




      So here I am with no idea what to do next or with remotely an idea of how to fix this !

      This forum is my last hope to finally fully enjoy my new laptop.


      Thanks in advance for any idea you may have.