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    issue with driver version flickering playing overwatch



      • MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014) (256GB model)
      • i5 - 4278U \@2.60Ghz
      • iris graphics 5100



      • Windows 10 Home (Build 15063.11, which is RTM of RS2(Creators Update)), on bootcamp
      • Windows setting: On explorer, right click on My PC -> Properties -> Advanced System Settings on left column -> on advanced tab, Performance-Settings -> Optimal Performance
      • Driver version:
      • Overwatch version:
      • Applied game mode on Overwatch
      • Overwatch setting: from top to bottom, Full Screen/Monitor1/1024 X 768(60)/103/16:10/D/D/E/E/E/Display Based/Low/lowest possible except for FXAA
        (D for disabled and E for enabled)


      With above settings, it looks like this.

      I checked that this problem is solved with V-sync on, or windowed mode, borderless windowed mode.


      There was no problem before installing 4624 driver.



      EDIT: I also get frame drop from 60 (v-sync on) to about 55 (v-sync off)

      EDIT: setting off game mode didn't solve issue.

      EDIT: Reverting to Windows 10 Build 14393.969(latest build before 2017/4/11) didn't solve issue.