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    4965agn win7 x64 bsod fixed - dropped packets fixed - driver


      Over the past few months I had many BSOD with windows 7 x64 and the driver. Intel recently released the driver which can now be downloaded. After solid testing for 24+ hours this driver has fixed my BSOD problems, however I noticed during heavy copy loads that packets would drop. 1 out of every four packets were dropping between my laptop and wireless router (dir-625). I then changed the following settings in the INTEL advanced options for my driver (not the microsoft advanced options)


      802.11n Channel Width = 20mhz

      802.11n Mode = Enabled (default)

      Ad Hoc Channel = 5

      Ad Hoc QoS Mode = WMM Enabled (default)

      Fat Channel Intolerant = Enabled

      Mixed Mode Protection = CTS-to-self enabled (default)

      Power Management = Lowest (default)

      Roaming Aggressiveness = Lowest

      Transmit Power  = Highest (default)

      Wireless Mode = 802.11g only


      After making these changes I am now connecting at 130mbs and no more BSOD (driver fixed) and no more dropping packets (settings fixed)


      I hope this helps anyone having the same issues.

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          JMerrel, The reason that you are seeing packet drops is most probably due to the fact that you are connected on 11g band. 11g band is known to be a crowded frequency band and i bet you so many of your neighbors are using the same channel that you are using. Not to mention your microwave oven and your cordless phone, etc. My recommendation to you as follows:


          1) Reconfigure your router DIR-625 to to use 11a band (5.2Ghz) instead of 11g 2.5Ghz. Also make sure to configure the router to do 20/40Mhz.

          2) Don't play with my driver settings. Keep all settings as default as this will guarantee best performance in ideal scenarios. If you decide to go with step one then you have to change everything back to default in the driver settings.