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    Xeon Phi compatiblity with CPU and chipsets


      Is Xeon Phi 5110P compatible with asus p9d-x C222 chipset and E3 1220l-v3 CPU?


      The Asus P9d-X mother board has the function on "Above 4G decoding" option., the chipsets is C222.

      And I am going to install an E3 1220L v3 or G3258 on that chip.


      Can they work together?

      and is there any instruction and details on this kind of set up?


      Thanks a lot guys. There is so little data about them.

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          Intel Corporation
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          We understand that sometimes the information on compatibility is hard to find; I was checking on Asus website and the Xeon phi co-processor does not show as a supported processor for this board.

          You can check the information from the manufacturer here

          In order to be able to make the Xeon Phi work in our server boards, the following settings need to be trigger:

          1. BIOS settings to trigger:
            1. 1. The following should be disabled:
          • Virtualization; this is found within the “Processor Configuration” section, under Advance menu.
          • Hyperthreading; this, too, is found within the “Processor Configuration” section.
          • Onboard, software RAID; if you rather have a hardware RAID controller card, then, disregard.  Needless to say, if you rather configured your system with onboard RAID, please, back up your data before disabling this.
          • All PXE options within NIC configuration
          1. 2. The following should be enabled:
          • ‘Maximize Memory below 4GB.’ if your system has less than 4GB.; otherwise, disable this one.
          • ‘Memory Mapped I/O above 4GB.’
          • Make sure the ‘Memory Mapped I/O Size’ is set to 256G
          I was checking even in the Asus motherboard manual an it seems that it does not have similar settings to make it work.

          I may want to double check if you really need this co-processor for your purposes Here

          In this case the next course of action would be checking with the manufacturer to see if they have further information to provide you.


          Steven V.