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    Disable onboard graphics to save power?


      I've got an i7-6700 running on an ASRock z170 board with an nvidia graphics card. When I run the intel power gadget 3 software, it says the CPU is using 12 watts and the IA is using 1.5 watts. I can only conclude that the integrated GPU is using around 10 watts even though I'm using the nvidia card exclusively. The intel GPU doesn't even show in the device manager.


      I've poked around the UEFI and I don't see anything that will let me totally disable the integrated GPU, just an option to change the default graphics, which is currently set to PCIE.


      Am I reading these power gadget logs correctly? Is there any way to disable the graphics part of the CPU?

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          Hello cosmotic,


          Basically, when you install a graphics card it will disable the integrated graphics within the processor. This is why you are not able to see it in Device manager.


          Now, regarding your question for the Intel® Power Gadget log the best support is provided by the Intel® Developer Zone. So, in this case I recommend using their forum support in order to get more feedback for your log; Forums.