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    dp55wg & i5 - 750 boot issues


      Looking for some advice....I've got a laudry list of symptoms and I think I know the prob, but want some more expert opinion.


      1) I built a computer with apevia media case, intel dp55wg mobo, intel i5 750 processor, galaxy video card, dlink network card, etc...Booted up fine upon initial build, but I didn't have a disc drive yet, so powered down to wait.

      2) While I started with the initial intel cpu cooler, I later attempted to install a different cpu cooler and another fan (before another boot) and then the computer wouldn't boot.

      3) After some trouble shooting and putting the intel cooler back on, still no boot, no fans spinning, nothing...

      4) Here's the symtoms:

      -the mobo standby light is on

      -i removed the processor and found that i got a little crazy with the thermal grease that came with my zero therm cpu cooler cor 92.  The grease leaked onto the chip and was on the top side of the cpu chip, bridging some connections. there was no grease in the processor socket

      -after removing the cpu and cleaning extensively with qtips and rubbing alcohol, the cpu fan spins just a bit onpower up but thats all i get.  after one spin, i have to unplug and plug back in to get the same results again.


      Do you think that i fried my cpu?  Could the damage run further than that?  I'm a new comp builder and any opinions would be greatly appreciated!