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    No sound on NUC while TV's HDMI Enhacnment is on


      Long story short, I have an Intel NUC which connects to my AV Reciever via HDMI 1, Playstation Pro which connects via HDMI 2, and the AVR goes with  HDMI OUT to my TV and a the AVR also connected to a  5.1 sound system. 

      Last week I bought a new 4k TV.



      Sadly, my AVR doesnt support 4k and HDR, so in order to enjoy the full benefits of the Playstation PRO I connected it directly to my TV via HDMI, and to my reciever via SPDIF (optical).



      Weird thing is, that once I enbaled a function call "HDMI Enchanecment" (HDMI 2.0) on my TV, inorder to enjoy HDR and 4k on my Playstation, my NUC doesnt recognize the AVR sound.

      I know for a fact that it "sees" the device since I get picture and when I check display settings on my NUC it says Harman Kardon AVR, but sound settings only recognize the SPDIF (which is not even connected from my NUC to the AVR).

      Tried all the sound sultions (disable/enable, reinstalling drivers, even did a full format)

      Only way to get sound via the AVR is to disable HDMI Enhanccment, and this thing driving me crazy - there is no direct link between the NUC and the TV, only HDMI OUT! any ideas?

      Am I forced to live in a universe in which I have to turn on/off the HDMI Enchancement everytime I want to play the PS or watch a movie?



      to make things simple, that's the NUC setup -

      NUC ---> HDMI IN AVR -----> HDMI OUT TV



      That's the Playstation Setup -

      Playstation Video -----> HDMI IN TV

      Playstation Sound ------> SPDIF AVR



      Thanks in advance.



      My steup is:



      PC - Intel NUC nuc5cpyh (Windows 8.1 64bit)

      A/V Reciever - Harman/Kardon AVR 151

      TV - Hisense 50M7000UW (4k)

      PS - Playstation Pro