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    Arduino 101 does not send any information backl to PC via USB serial port

    Pubudu Goonetilleke


      I am currently working on building a tool to my lab and there is one Arduino 101 board in use which does communication /control between my tool and the PC software.

      My PC application is being developed using C#. My issue is that my Arduino code works perfectly on UNO, DUE, MEGA and TINY. However, the same code does not work on Arduino 101. I can send commands to Arduino and it works as expected (PC to Arduino communication is fine) but never gets me any information back. Not sure what am I doing wrong here.

      Even If I put a code like Serial.println("testing") in loop, there no data coming to application. It does receive if I use other applications. But my application does read correctly If I use any other board.

      Is there a timing issue with Intel Arduino board that my C# serial port does not handle correctly ?


      I see the Arduino responses if I use applications like Arduino Serial Monitor, Putty and Coolterm. Could some one help me ?