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    Help with Connectors


      Hi, I'm using the Edison to develop a project to get some signals.


      I'll need to use a connector IP65 certified, any recommendations of wich one I should use to integrate with the breakouts and/or PCB extensors on a simple way?

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello FocaaBR,

          Thanks for reaching out!

          I have never heard of anyone using any kind of IP65 certified connector with Edison. Please note, that this does not mean that it is not possible to use them with Edison at all, it is just that (to my knowledge) it has never been (officially/unofficially) tested.

          So, my suggestion is that you test the connector that you think best fits your needs, I honestly don't think you'll have any issues. We would appreciate if you could share your results with the community, other users might be interested in them.

          Keep us updated.
          Pedro M.

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