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    How to determine which RAID 1 drive failed?


      I've got a "whea uncorrectable error" 3 times in 24 hours. After the system collects info and reboots, the RST shows Volume 1 in rebuild status. Everything I've read says to replace one of the drives. In the RST screen, both drives have green check marks on them. How do I tell which drive went bad?


      Is it possible that since both drives have green checks, the controller has gone bad?


      Additional info: The first rebuild finished about midnight last night. PC worked fine until about 3 pm today where I got the whea uncorrectable error again and the system started rebuilding.


      Windows 10, 64 bit, IRST version, Asus Maximus VIII Hero Alpha motherboard, 2 WD Black 6TB drives


      Thanks in advance for any ideas.