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    DP55WG hangs with PCIe fiber channel HBA


      I bought a DP55WG and i7-860 (along with new memory, case, and power supply).  When I have just the PCI video card installed (not PCIe) everything works.  I added a PCIe 1x Ethernet card and everything still worked.  When I added a fiber channel HBA the system hung at the splash screen.  I've updated to the latest BIOS and it still hangs.  The LEDs show EB.  I've tried holding down F2 and it won't enter the setup.  I've tried two different models of PCIe FC HBA (2GB and 4GB) with no change.  The cards work in other systems.  I tried a PCI 2GB FC HBA and everything hung for a few seconds and then continued.  All three cards are QLogic.


      Is there an issue with the DP55WG and PCIe fiber channel HBAs, or just QLogic PCIe fiber channel HBAs?  If there's not a way to use the PCIe cards I'm going to have to find another motherboard.

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          Currently we do not have any report on compatibity issues between our motherboard and those PCI Express cards, howerver if they are working fine on different motherboards and not on the DP55WG even with the latest BIOS version, then it seems there is some kind of compatibility issue.


          I would recommend contacting the PCI Express card manufacturer to see if they have reported any issue like this one, and also ask them it they have the latest firmware for the PCI Express card.



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            Since the cards all work with several different motherboards even with the latest firmware loaded (on both the motherboard and the FC HBAs) I expect the problem is with the DP55WG and not the FC HBAs.


            I tried a different P55-based motherboard and it had issues with my Dell PERC 6/i controller (the second memory channel is disabled on that motherboard when the PERC 6/i is installed) so I'm going to just return the motherboard and CPU and get an i7-9xx and X58-based motherboard instead.