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    BSOD w/Windows Hello


      I received the SR 300 developer package and downloaded the driver software intel_rs_dcm_sr300_3.3.27.5718. The sw and drivers installed and under Windows device manager I can see: Camera SR300 Dept; RGB; Virtual Driver. When I’m experimenting with Windows Hello, I get the error CTCLSflt.sys and then the BSOD? I'm running W10 Pro v1607 on a i7-2600K w 16GB RAM

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          The i7-2600K is a 2nd Generation Intel processor - codenamed Sandy Bridge - from 2011.  The SR300 camera has a minimum requirement of a 6th generation Skylake processor.  On an older processor chip, the camera can only access basic RGB video and raw camera data functions, and cannot use more advanced functions such as hand and face tracking / recognition (which would be required for Windows Hello).