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    Power management issues with Intel Core i3-6100U on Ubuntu Linux




      I have a Lenovo Ideapad 310, with a Intel Core i3-6100U processor, with dual boot with Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04. I believe there are power management issues when using Ubuntu 16.04, because the processor never reaches higher package C states.


      With the default configurations and kernel 4.4.0, it could reach only PC2, at best. After upgrading to kernel 4.8 and doing some changes proposed by powertop, specially the SATA related ones, it became able to reach PC3, staying most of the time on the PC3 state.


      Further changes proposed by powertop had no effect. Upgrading the kernel to newer versions also was not effective.


      While it has no problems with temperature (on Ubuntu, the idle temperatures are 1°C lower than Windows), the battery lasts around 20% less time, comparing to Windows, as the processor always consumes more energy (I suppose). I have attached the powertop results generated with sudo powertop --html. As I have said before, the additional tuning options powertop suggest hadn't worked to reach higher package C states, and some of them even cause problems, as popping sounds.


      Are there another configurations/packages which I have to do/install to allow it to reach higher package C states?


      Edit: After reading some Reddit's discussions, I have tested a live image of CentOS 7 I had downloaded some time ago, and I noticed that with CentOS 7 it is reaching package C 10 on 90% of the time. So, at least, I can be assured this isn't caused by problems with the computer.


      Is this a error related to Ubuntu's then, that should be reported for them, or can I do something to correct the behaviour?


      Thank you.