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    i7 7700k High temperatures while running AVX instructions





      After being discussing this subject a bit off topic on the thread about temperature spikes on the same CPU model, I've decided to open a new thread just to see if I can find a solution or explanation.



      After 2 months of testing, I0ve got to the conclusin that my CPU can't handle AVX instructions very well. And this is why:


      With BIOS defaults, The CPU can handle any non-AVX workload under 65C, but if I run a stress test with AVX, like intel burn test or prime95, the temperatures rise above 80/85C.


      After trying all sorts of configurations, like lower voltages, XMP on or off, AVX offsets, Voltages offsets, adaptive, manual, higher and lower BLCK, the results are allways the same. I can get low temperatures on non-AVX instructions, even under 62C but once again, running AVX blows the CPU up to 85C.



      I find this really hard to understand since I dont have any cooling issues.


      My Build:

      CPU: i7 7700k

      COOLER: Cooler master evo 212

      CASE: Bitfenix prodigy M with 6 Corsair SP120 Fans - 2 IN / 3 OUT / 1 CPU

      MOTHERBOARD: Asus Z270m Prime

      PSU: Corsair VS650

      GRAPHICS CARD: Gigabyte GTX 1060 WF OC 6GB

      RAM:Crucial Ballistix LT 32GB DDR4 2400Mhz @ 1.2V


      BIOS Setup and temperatures by now:


      OC: Manual

      AVX Negative offset: 0

      SVID: Disabled

      VCORE: 1.21V

      MULTIPLIER: 46

      PLL voltage: 0.9V

      RAM Voltage: 1.2V

      RAM freq: 2.4Ghz

      Intel speedstep: Disabled

      Turbo: enabled




      IDLE: 22C

      FULL LOAD non-AVX: 62C max

      FULL LOAD AVX: 85C+ (after 1 or 2 minutes I stop the test by the time temps reach 84/85C)

      GAMING: BF1 for example: 61C Max


      If I turn on the AVX offset down (negative offset 3 or 4)  to below stock turbo speeds (4.5GHZ) I can get temperatures, while running AVX, under 77C but this dosent make much sense because even at stock speeds AVX instructions burn the CPU up to 80/83C or even higher, once again I stop the test.



      Is there any solution to this issue?


      There dosent seem to be any cooling problems because all the other operations work perfectly fine and with good temperatures, even idle is low.