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    OpenGL driver crash as USER but not as ADMIN


      We are developing a 3D graphics application which is now in BETA test.


      The application is designed to use OpenGL 3.2


      One of our beta testers has reported that when he attempts to start the application as a standard USER on his windows system it crashes.

      The core dump identifies the crash as occurring in ig9icd64.dll (Intel's OpenGL driver).


      However on the same system when he runs the application from his ADMIN account the application starts without any problems.


      We have tested the application under USER accounts on other (non Intel graphics) systems with no problems.

      We have had the customer update his drivers to the latest version. This did not help.


      Some additional info; the system is running Windows 7 SP 1


      Can anyone identify why there would be a crash in the OpenGL drivers on only a USER account?


      Thank you for your assistance...