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    Unable to install scipy library in my intel galileo gen2.


      Hi friends! After grappling with wifi issues and fixing it for good.Now I cant get "pip" to work on my intel galileo gen 2.I mean I get downright error when I do "pip install scipy". I also get other error i.e "blas library not found" when I do "easy_install scipy". Now my point is,how to install blas and lapack fortran libraries in intel galileo gen 2. I mean for my linux laptop--I did the following to install the above to legendary fortran libraries--


      sudo apt-get install libblas-dev checkinstall

      sudo apt-get install libblas-doc checkinstall

      sudo apt-get install liblapacke-dev checkinstall

      sudo apt-get install liblapack-doc checkinstall

      sudo apt-get install libatlas-base-dev


      How can I do the above for intel galileo gen 2?Or is there a way to install scipy in my intel galileo gen 2?Kindly reply