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    I7-5820K - chipset drivers trouble


      Hi everyone,


      Have a problem with few drivers for my СPU. In game Mass Effect Andromeda i have hard reset crashes during game in 4K resolution. I have send developers ticket with Dxdiag file, but they said that problem is with CPU drivers. Thats why Im here.

      Dxdiag file is attached.


      My pc spec: I7-5820-K (3.30Hz) ASUS GTX - 1080, m-board - MSI X99A SLI Krait edition, 16gb RAM ddr4 (2133mhz), ssd - 256gb.

      Yesterday re-installed and update Windows 10 x64 Home edition (licensed, not pirate cracked copy). Installed chipset and other drivers with help of app Live update v.6 from official MSI site. But trouble with crashes still persists.