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    More bandwidth on MiniPCIe 2.0/3.0 x1 slot with Xeon E3 processor possible?


      Hello all. I have a board with B75 chipset and Core i7 3770 processor currently installed on it. On this rig I have 6 PCIe x1 network cards, a PCIe x8 10Gbps dual network card, and a MiniPCIe slot x1 2.0/3.0. to which a riser card with accesory card is installed. I can set this system on Linux 64-bit to negotiate MiniPCIe target speed of 8GT/s, but keeps a t 2.5GT/s with this setup. I suspect it is due a shortage of PCIe lanes but cannot afford to remove any installed card. If I installed a Xeon E3, which has more PCIe lanes would the MiniPCie slot receive a bandwitdth boost?