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    will an E7600 cpu work ok with an Asus P5w DH deluxe motherboard


      At the moment my system is an E6600 cpu installed on an ASUS P5W DH Deluxe motherboard with latest bios 3001.I have just obtained an E7600 cpu that I intended to use as an upgrade but am now unsure if it will work ok. I know that I should have made more in-depth studies before I purchased it but I didnt. It is only now that I am reading various articles - some of them contradictory - that it seems I may have a lot of conflicts if I install it. Some of the things indicated are

      1. The VT wont work

      2.The EIST will be disabled

      3. The C1E will be disabled

      4.The .5 CPU multiplier will not be supported

      5.The L2 Cache size will not be recognised

      etc etc


      I wonder if you could tell me if this is right and what this means.? Also is there any drivers or firmware etc that I could install to correct  it. As I said I already have the very latest Bios installed but I am not sure if it tackles any of the problems indicated.