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    problem activating my integrated graphic card


      Hello everybody, for a while i'm having some trouble with my Laptop Sony Vaio , i have two graphic cards An intel graphic Card and another one , after playing multiple games , i found sometimes some lags and drops in fps , so i found that the games were sometimes using intel graphic card and sometimes the other one , so i decided to disable the intel graphic card ( wich was a big mistake later ) . So after disabling it everything was fine until one day my second graphic card wasn't fonctioning anymore and i couldnt even play a video on youtube without crashing , when i wanted to reactivate my Intel graphic card i didn't found it ( and in the Bios i can't change the graphic setting only the boot priority and some useless option for my case )

      Does anybody had the same problem or does anybody have an idea to fix it and thanks in advance

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          Do you mean you de-activated Intel GPU in device manager?

          Try "show hidden devices" in device manager or "scan for new hardware" in hardware manager.

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            Hello ferbio,

            Thank you for contacting the Intel community.

            Please bear in mind that your best contact support is with your system manufacturer as they are more familiar with the total configuration of your integrated system and the way all the features interact with each other.

            However, I can suggest you to access the Sony Vaio website and reinstall the Intel® HD Graphics driver for your Laptop.

            This also depends on how the computer manufacturer designed your system. Some computers have a hardware switch. Some computers have an icon in the Windows taskbar that you can use to switch the graphics controller. Some computers automatically switch to the Intel graphics if the computer changes to battery power or it can switch to the discrete graphics if the computer is plugged into AC power. Some computers use third party software to do the switch.

            Check the help documentation from your computer manufacturer to see how the graphics switch works on your PC.

            You should be able to get support here:
            NOTE: This link is being offered for your convenience and should not be viewed as an endorsement by Intel of the content, products, or services offered there.

            Best regards,