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    Curie custom board doesn't work


      Hello everyone,


      I made a Curie custom board, here are the features:

      - powered by a battery

      - programmed via USB_DFU

      - charging circuitry

      - BLE enabled

      - connect with an ADC via SPI, DVDD of this ADC is powered by VDD_PLAT_3P3 or VDD_PLAT_1P8

      - AON_IO_VCC is powered by BUCK_VOUT


      I generally followed a schematic of battery application in Page 18 of Curie design Guide (Version November 2016, not March 2017). In the new design guide (March 2017), one power controller block is added in this schematic. 


      My board doesn't work. Nothing happens when I connect it with my computer through USB. Could anyone give me some advices?


      Thank you so much!




      The attachment shows the main power circuit of my design (just an example without resistance and capacitor).