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    Intel SCS Add-on Installation Error


      I'm trying to install the SCS Add-on for ConfigMgr and I'm running into an error right after launching setup. The error is:


      Failed to identify the SCCM installation.


      I'm running in a standalone Primary Site running System Center Configuration Manager, Current Branch, build 1702. I have tried installing the SCS Add-on from my own workstation, which has the ConfigMgr console installed, the Site Server, and another test VM, all of which have the console installed and I've verified they connect to the site, work, etc.


      The Site Server does not have a SMS Provider installed on it, rather 2 other servers have SMS Providers installed on them. Is the Intel SCS add-on installer looking for the WMI namespace on the Site Server, failing, and producing the error I'm seeing?


      Is there any way I can get a hold of the files which are extracted / installed by the installer and manually install the add-on / console extension?

      Intel SCS - Installation Error - 03282017.PNG


      Edit: I should've included the contents of the SCCMAddon.log file. Here it is:


      2017-03-28 16:56:58,965 - DEBUG: Starting

      2017-03-28 16:56:58,971 - INFO : Starting Log

      2017-03-28 16:56:58,972 - INFO : Version:

      2017-03-28 16:56:59,036 - INFO : No previous settings found.

      2017-03-28 16:56:59,160 - DEBUG: Entering SettingsViewModel.ctor

      2017-03-28 16:57:01,265 - FATAL: Failed to identify the SCCM installation.

      System.InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains no elements

         at System.Linq.Enumerable.First[TSource](IEnumerable`1 source)

         at SCCMConfig.DAL.SCCMProber.GetSCCMInstallationFolder64bit(Architecture& pArchi)

         at SCCMConfig.DAL.SCCMProber.GetSCCMInstallationFolder(Architecture& pArchi)

         at SCCMConfig.DAL.SCCMProber.Detect()

         at SCCMConfig.Actions.ActionPerformer.Detect()

         at Intel.SCS.ACIWizard.ViewModel.WelcomeViewModel.<Init>b__8()


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