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    HD 4600 - won't display 3rd monitor


      With a new DisplayPort to DVI cable, I want to add a third monitor. When I connected it, I get a blank screen.


      I'm running Windows 10 with the Intel Driver version which Windows says is up to date.


      I also run the utility Display Fusion to manage the existing two displays, but when I "enable" the third display in Display Fusion, it automatically disables one of the others.


      So, my question is - does the HD 4600 graphics integrated with my m/b have a limitation of only two displays despite having connections for DVI, HDMI, (both working) and DisplayPort (not working)?


      Help would be very much appreciated.

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello AlbusD,
          Thank you for contacting the Intel community.
          The Intel® HD Graphics 4600 supports triple display, in this case Intel recommends using straight connection when using triple display, when using any adapter, splitter, converter or connection like the one you have (DisplayPort to DVI cable) we cannot guarantee this functionality.
          You can check the following link for Questions about 3 Displays Configuration:
          Now, if you have a Laptop or an already built system from Dell, HP, ASUS etc, your best contact support is with your system manufacturer and with them you can find out if three independent displays are supported and what configurations are required for your specific model. We provide general information about Intel® graphics features. Manufacturers can incorporate customizations that may not support all general graphics features.
          As a recommendation, if connecting your monitor from DisplayPort to DVI is the only option you have, I suggest you to use an active adapter; an active adapter can help you better with this monitor not being detected.
          Perhaps the one at the following link can work for you.
          NOTE: This link is being offered for your convenience and should not be viewed as an endorsement by Intel of the content, products, or services offered there.
          Best regards,

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            Thanks for your response. I wasn't aware there were active/passive options in the cable adapter I was attempting to use. Pretty good odds I chose the passive one. Since posting my question I tried connecting that third monitor with an "old" VGA cable and it works, albeit with a slightly lower quality image. Still, it's a useful addition to screen real estate. In my next build I'll do more research into graphics cards designed for 3+ displays.

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              You are more than welcome!
              I’m glad that the information I posted was useful for you and yes with active adapters you can have better experience, but even better if you can use straight connection, HDMI from the computer to HDMI on the monitor/TV or DisplayPort to DisplaPort.
              Best wishes,