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    Black screen on any Lenovo Laptop X1 / T460 with Intel Graphics HD 520 occurs with driver version >


      Hello Folks


      hope this message finds you well. I've a more and more recurrent issue with the Intel Drivers for HD Graphics 520 on Lenovo laptops X1 (4th gen) and T460s series running Windows 10 X64 Pro.


      Both models were delivered with driver Intel (BETA). This is currently the unique valid driver version working. Any other more recent release cause the main laptop screen to remain black and not usable. The only way to use the laptop is to connect to an external screen.


      The main issue here is that Windows Update forces the driver to be updated at least to version 4534, which doesn't work as mention above. I've tried many workarounds to block WU to perform this update, like deactivate the drivers update or hide windows updates with the diag tool, without any success so far. At some stage, the driver is pushed again. I've posted recently on Lenovo forums (Solved: Re: T460s Intel display driver issue Windows 10 - Lenovo Community ). It's marked as solved but the issue still occurs and as you can see in that post, we are several having the same problem.


      Today, we have 10 laptops having this issue. I've even manage to replace a motherboard of one of them just to be sure at 100% that it wasn't hardware issue.


      Intel dev's, can you please be so kind to publish a valid and working driver please? This is just a NIGHTMARE!!!! A laptop is not mean't to be stacked all time to an external monitor.


      If by any chance, someone within the community has a valid fix/work around, please let us know! It would be very very verrryyy much appreciate!


      Thank you!