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    Be the change...


      Ask yourself,

      I love ............. about this forum, please never take it away form me




      I wished the forum had ...............


      Express your true likes and dislikes about this forum on this discussion thread and effect change!

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          I like that the forums have a good amount of participation from people that are doing a lot of interesting things.  I wish the forum would consolidate the content when a resolution is provided.  Filtering through all the content can get old.  I would also like to see things grouped together.  e.g. I2S, USB, Bluetooth, DACs or other functions, almost like a wiki. 

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            I second the above, especially "consolidate the content".  One only has to do search for something like:

            edison   /dev/ttyMFD1


            and then spend days reading and trying to figure out what the one answer is.



            Bill Fosbury

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