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    Difference between SR300 and LR200




      I would like to know what is difference between SR300 and LR200 exactly.

      I believe that the SR300 is TOF camera, but the SR300 is for the short distance sensing type (about 1 m+α) isn't it?

      So if I would like to use a long distance sensing type, should I choose the LR200, am I correct?

      However, according to a document, the LR200 is an active stereo camera, it means it's not TOF camera, is it true?


      Therefore, intel only has TOF camera SR300 model right now.

      And LR200, ZR300 and 400 Series are stereo cameras.


      Will intel focus on a stereo camera? and they don't have new TOF camera after SR300 as of now?


      Thank you,